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First-Time Buyers in Scunthorpe compared Scunthorpe’s housing prices to the rest of Yorkshire and found that they were lower in price than places like York. In Scunthorpe, the average deposit contribution for a First Time Buyer is £18,000 which is quite a bit less than the Yorkshire average of £23,000.

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First Time Buyer

Buying your first home can be a little bit daunting, but we’re here to help with all the challenges of finding your perfect place.


Looking for a better mortgage deal? Or to release some of the equity in your home? The process is often not as easy as it first appears.

Moving Home

Thinking of selling your existing property and moving to a new home? It’s important that you try and budget accurately. Find out why.


This can be one of the popular mortgage options available for those wishing to invest in the residential & rental property.

First-time buyers in Scunthorpe can now buy a house with a small deposit.

As someone pursues a mortgage, they might receive help from family members or friends. This generous history can sometimes be the piece that brings an applicant over the edge to meet their goal

A mortgage broker can also sometimes provide access to a lower loan-to-value panel, where applicants will be able to find more competitive deals and rates.

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Come and see for yourself how we’ve helped thousands of first-time buyers just like you.

First-time buyers in Scunthorpe can now buy a house with a small deposit.

The process of buying a home can be overwhelming for the first time buyer, especially with so much competition and pressure from agents.

MortgagesRM – Fee Free Mortgage Advisor in Doncaster can help you find the best mortgage for your needs and can act as a consultant to guide you through the housing process.

When you are ready to buy a property, it is always good to have an agreement in principle ready. Stephen Kerrigan, Mortgage Advisor in Scunthorpe can help with this.

Average purchase price

First-time-buyers in Scunthorpe

Once you have the average deposit amount and property price, you can then estimate your interest rate by calculating a loan-to-value percentage. A lower value typically results in better rates.

Scunthorpe mortgages have an average LTV of 86%, which is higher than the Yorkshire or UK average of 85%.

Average loan-to-value (Ltv)

First-time-buyers in Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe offers a diverse range of housing for first-time buyers. In addition, the property market is affordable. As such, Scunthorpe could be an ideal place to start your mortgage journey in Yorkshire.

If you are interested in buying a home for the first time, speak with an advisor to get help connecting you with brokers and lenders.

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