How to keep your home safe when you go on holiday

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How to keep your home safe when you go on holiday

What do we fear when we go on Holiday? Our homes that have been broken into and our possessions stolen. We don't want it to happen to any of our customers, so do not worry, we're here to help. As the Summer Holidays fast approaching, we wanted to share the greatest ways to protect your house while you're away.


Most of us love being smug on Holiday and also making our friends superb Jealous by posting images of beaches, activities and remarkable food onto our social media profiles.

However, this only publicises that your house is vacant and might possibly be looked at by strangers. This happened to John Terry, former Chelsea and Aston Villa Football player, when he published pictures of his ski vacation on Instagram and thousands of pounds of jewellery had been taken from his property.


Therefore learn from the celebs, just leave the #holiday posts until you are home and enjoy taking in the sun.

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